Allison Bishop

Allison started her professional career in non-profits and events. Travel was never something that crossed her mind as a career until one day, after spending long hours preparing for an event, she saw that a friend had posted an online picture from a beautiful vineyard in Italy as “field research” for work. At that moment she knew she was doing something wrong. Two weeks later she had an interview at Ovation and has not looked back since.

Travel has not just become her career; it has become her life passion. She is always eager to discover new destinations and experiences as inspiration for selling travel. Allison prides herself on getting to know her clients in order to add a personalized touch and execute bespoke experiences tailored specifically to their taste.

What's in my bag? My carry-on plane essentials:

Bose noise canceling head phones, gum, water (preferably smart water), socks, my kindle, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, an eye mask (my favorite is from Eden Rock St Barths), medicated lip balm, my computer, Kate Somerville face lotion, Pond’s make up remover wipes, Sunglasses, Tumi mobile power pack (portable multipurpose charger), Dried fruit (I love Peeled dried apples), & a super soft sweatshirt

At the moment...

Favorite destination: The South of France

Favorite trip I have taken: Israel

Favorite food while abroad: Caprese salad in Italy

On my bucket list: Australia

Favorite thing to do while traveling: Making friends with the hotel staff and finding out what bars/restaurants they go to. There is nothing like experiencing a destination like a local!