Mary-Claire Barnes

From a young age, Mary-Claire loved traveling. Coming from a large family (she has four siblings) with a limited budget, her parents tried to expose the children to a variety of experiences. As she got older and started planning her own trips, with the help of her former travel agent mother, she loved the thrill of trip planning more and more. She also has firsthand knowledge of both Latin and European culture through two foreign exchange students who lived with her family. Her family went from five children to seven children (oh my!).

Mary-Claire took a solo trip to Europe during time off from college and ultimately decided to pursue a career in hospitality and tourism.  Also during her time in college, she pursued event planning and worked on one of the top event teams in Arkansas. She recently graduated from the University of Arkansas and packed up her bags to move to New York City. Although she is now a “big city” girl she will still be rooted in southern hospitality. Mary-Claire’s favorite place to visit is Barcelona, Spain. She would love to go to any destination in Greece or Istanbul, Turkey, however those are just a couple of places she hopes to visit one day!

You can catch Mary-Claire on the dance floor dancing salsa, or attending Broadway musicals!

What's in my bag? My carry-on plane essentials:

Phone charger is always a must. I also keep a book with me at all times and Tylenol because you never know! I also bring a water bottle although I will not drink from it but I can never be too safe when it comes to bringing things on a flight!

At the moment...

Favorite destination: Barcelona, Spain

Favorite trip I have taken: I went to Italy for two weeks and I went solo – it was a learning experience and I was in Rome when the new Pope was chosen!

Favorite food while abroad: Anything with Nutella in it. Or PASTA!

 On my bucket list: India, Istanbul, Croatia, Romania, anywhere in East Asia, or pretty much anywhere I haven’t been!!!

 Favorite thing to do while traveling: Meeting new people. Especially locals!